Gemma Barton talks about High Five Wellbeing and High Five DigiWell resources

Bringing wellbeing into the classroom

High Five Wellbeing has been devised by the team at Mind Train CIC – a community interest company (not-for-profit). The CIC was founded by two teachers from the North West of England, who believe that we should teach children about themselves and others; about how our minds and bodies work, before we teach them other ‘stuff’.

Gemma Barton and Clare Hales started the company after experiencing and studying mindfulness. Gemma said: “We couldn’t believe that 8 year olds in the UK knew what a ‘subordinate clause’ was (due to the government’s focus on assessing English grammar), but that they weren’t taught to understand how their minds and bodies function on a basic level.”

Meet the Team!

Gemma Barton
Clare Hales

Our Mission

Our mission is to support children and young people in becoming compassionate, resilient and powerful citizens by providing excellent educational services and engaging positively with the digital world to promote wellbeing so that we can survive and thrive in the modern world.

Company Ethos

As a not-for-profit or ‘profit for purpose’ company, our main aim is to reinvest back into the community to create a positive impact by improving wellbeing and mental health for all. We work with companies to deliver digital wellbeing workshops for their workforces; these sessions fund free sessions for local schools.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide children – and the adults who care for them – with skills to increase wellbeing and health through the best educational support available. We are working with our partners to ensure that our services of the highest standards and to deliver the greatest impact possible. 

Who We Are

Mind Train CIC was founded by Gemma Barton, a teacher with experience in digital industries and a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs.
Gemma said: “I’m a part-time primary school teacher, who lives in Wigan. Five years ago I was a full-time teacher. I was feeling the effects of chronic stress and started to learn mindfulness. I wondered why these strategies were not being taught to everyone; especially children. This led me to train to teach mindfulness to children and young people with Mindfulness in Schools Project. 
“Since then, I have founded my own small, non-profit community interest company called Mind Train.”
Now a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Gemma is currently part of West Lancs CCG’s Well Skelmersdale Leadership Programme run by Well North. 

Clare Hales, co-director of Mind Train CIC, offers resources, workshops and training on mindfulness and wellbeing. Clare in an SEN teacher by trade, and left her teaching role to complete a Masters in Psychology before establishing her own non-profit, Developing Matters CIC. Clare also works in Wigan, but also has links to West Lancs – she did her Masters at Edge Hill University, and has just started her PhD studies with their Psychology Department


WN3 6NB, Wigan, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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What children & young people say

“I liked it when we were taught to pause our lives and breathe
to calm down when feeling upset.”

Year 5 pupil at St. Mary & John Catholic Primary, Wigan 

“I think the best thing about the .b course is that it teaches me how to keep focused on the present and not worry about the past or the future.”
Secondary .b course attendee

“It relaxed me a lot with my sister. It helped me not have fights as
much as I used to with her.”

Year 5 pupil at Lamberhead Green Primary, Wigan

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