High Five Wellbeing launches in schools

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Our new project helps teachers in West Lancashire to support child mental health

We believe that empowering children, young people and families to take care of their own wellbeing, is one of the most important things we can do as educators. Which is why we are very excited to announce that we are working with SHARES Lancashire CIC primary schools in West Lancashire, to develop resources and materials that will support the wellbeing of pupils in their schools. 

SHARES Lancashire CIC is a group of good and outstanding schools that provide and excellent education, both in and out of school, so the opportunity to work with them on this project is amazing. 

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The project, funded by West Lancashire CCG and developed by Gemma Barton at Mind Train CIC, is called High Five Wellbeing. The project is based on ‘The Five Ways to Mental Wellbeing’ as recommended by the NHS. 

This approach teaches children that mental health – like physical health – is something that we all have, and that there are simple steps that we can take to take care of it. They will then learn about the 5 ways to wellbeing and their emotions, before being taught lots of strategies to take care of themselves. 

The resources and materials are designed to be delivered in school-time as part of the curriculum or as a club that children can attend before during or after-school. Schools will be piloting the materials over the next 12 months and we are looking forward to working together to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the local community. 

For more information, please visit High Five Wellbeing’s Resources page.

Published by gemmadbarton

I am primary teacher and founder of Mind Train CIC. High Five Wellbeing is a series of resources, courses and clubs to support children to understand and take-care of their own wellbeing.

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